25OCT 1625OCT 16

Board of directors meeting results for the Third Quarter of 2016

20OCT 1620OCT 16

Tijara BOD to convene for the third quarter ending 30/9/2016

05OCT 1605OCT 16

EVP of “Tijara & Real Estate Investment” resigns

13JUL 1613JUL 16

Tijara Board of Directors meets today for the 2nd quarter of 2016

11JUL 1611JUL 16

Tijara Board of Directors to meet in 13/07/2016

03JUL 1603JUL 16

After its Capital reduction, Tijara resumes its share trading Sunday 03/07/2016

30JUN 1630JUN 16

Tijara stocks resume trading as of the date 03/07/2016

10MAY 1610MAY 16

Meeting of the General Assembly of Tijara in 10/05/2016 to discuss the 2015 data, noted that the company is halted from trading until the end of the said meeting

25APR 1625APR 16

Tijara Board of Directors meets “Today” to discuss the financial data of the first quarter of the year as of 31/03/2016

25APR 1625APR 16

Tijara profit for the first 3 months ending 31/03/2016 amounted KWD 28,000